Historic Ranch Group Retreat  Center and Special Events

Group Retreat Center & Special Event Venue, Oracle Arizona

Historic El Rancho Robles, Restored to It's Past Glory

El Rancho Robles has been restored to its past glory, by owner Robert "Blake" Campbell, a custom home designer and builder for over 40 years. Blake has worked with 200 year old colonial homes, barns and created unique country homes for the New York city 2nd home market. In addition, he has designed several lake homes in the Adirondack Mountains.

El Rancho Robles, known for many years as "Rancho Robles", is a valuable example of Spanish Revival/Mission Revival Hacienda style architecture, in vogue as a popular revival style of the 1920s and 1930s throughout the United States, especially in the west and southwest.

Preserved in Robert "Blake" Campbell's restoration project of El Rancho Robles is the coping on wooden corbels and beams, hand-wrought hardware, the wheel stops for horse drawn buggies at just the right locations, original wrought iron fixtures, the creation of many vignette spaces, a masterful use of the unique light found in Oracle.

One can still see and feel the keen sense of space, the level of understanding of the means and ways of the times in which the Rancho was designed in its early self-sufficient days, the gracious and adventurous spirit of the original owners and the original architect's deep sensitive perception of these things and his incorporation of them in the design of El Rancho Robles, truly a significant southwestern architectural landmark, unique to its time and place.

El Ranch Robles, a historic hacienda style guest ranch, a hidden treasure located in Oracle, Arizona.

To contact the owner
Robert "Blake" Campbell
1170 N Rancho Robles Road, Oracle Az 85623